The connection method of HDPE pipe

The connection method of HDPE pipe:

The connection way of HDPE PIPE is decided by its application.

Water supply pipe: the connection way between pipes is usually hot melt socket and hot melt docking,the outer diameter more than 110mm,the connection way is hot melt docking way,the outer diameter below 63mm,the connection way is often holt melt socket way,between 63mm-110mm,either holt melt socket way or holt melt docking way is OK.

Dredging pipe and Mining pipe:

If your application is dredging pipe and Mining pipe,for transporting sand& water and slurry ,the common way is use flange connection way,the structure is one pipe,two flange stubs and two steel flanged,and rubber gasket.

Gas supply pipe:

Either hot melt docking way or electrofusion pipe sleeve is OK.