Company Profile

Luoyang Better Trading Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive manufacturing and trading company established in 2008 in China. We have 3 production factories in China, and we specialize in the production of multi-size pipe and pipe fittings products of HDPE PIPE, UHMWPE pipe, floater, rubber hose and so on, covering the area of more than 120000 square meters and with the capability of producing more than 40000 tons every year. We have been carrying out a strict quality management systerm in accordance with ISO9001 requirements. All kinds of products are regularly conducted pressure-tight blasting test, longitudinal shrinkage rate test, quick stress crack resistance test, tensile test and melt index test, so as to ensure the quality of products totally reach the relevant standards from raw materials to finished products.

We have successfully exported our products to Southeast Asia, Africa, South America, Australia and other countries and regions, and gain the customers’ praise consistently. We can provide competitive price, excellent quality and prompt delivery to our customers. We also provide excellent after-sales service to obtain customer's final satisfaction. With business concept of mutual benefit and joint development, we sincerely look forward to the service for you.